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RFoV Galmap

Explore the distinct regions of our space: Spectrum Olympia , Betamaxima, Goldamiga, Ganister-PS1  and Telanova Irongate. (click to enlarge)

Latest News

Here you can find the latest news and happenings for the RFoV.

Landside Victory

A landslide victory has been reported today in the dual elections for the Corporate takeover of the Gliese 599.1 & HIP 69982 Systems, The RFOV has managed to secure victory in both of these elections.

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Important Messages from Our Sponsors

Our Business

Keen to find out more about our Corporate activities? 

Passenger Transport

VIPs, Proles and even Criminals need to travel the galaxy in style and comfort. Step aboard our luxurious Saud Kruger cruise-whales, as we deploy heat-sinks and pop the champagne.
*Please do not smoke in the cabin.
*Passengers may be jettisoned without warning.


The RFoV Heavy Cargo division remains the bedrock of our home Star Systems.  The Corporation's primary aim is to help our economies prosper, for the good of our citizens, and our credit balance. We closely monitor our markets via Artificial Intelligence to identify only the most profitable trade deals. 


Mining is not boring and is extremely profitable. Our fleet of mining ships help to supply our Refinery and Extraction economies. Our unique AI tools allow our pilots to rake in the credits in an ever-changing market.

Supply and Demand? We'll supply it if the Demand and Price are right!

Humanitarian Support

Sometimes even disaster* can be profitable. If there are credits to be made, our pilots will be there to help save the day.
Our Systems Intel data allows us to selflessly deliver Humanitarian Aid in the local area, where it's needed most**.

*Please note: All disasters are completely random and any relationship to our activities in those systems is completely coincidental.

** Only if the profits are sufficient.


Our corporate strategy sometimes requires allowing Star Systems to benefit from our brand of jingo-ism. Please remain calm as we festoon your stations with Federal branding.

We recently achieved 13th in the Political Leaderboards on PS4. Lucky 13!

Bounty Hunting

To keep our systems free from unwanted guests - and pirates who haven't paid for our protection - with help from The Federal Navy, pilots of the RFoV can been seen keeping our systems safe.
Who doesn't enjoy blasting scum to smithereens?

Holo-Screen Adverts

We have several Holo-Screen adverts featured outside and inside of stations. Here are just a few for you to spot while on your travels!

Our Home

Voltrigones: A Hitchhiker`s Guide… Here you can find some key facts about our Home Star System.

Find out more about our home system, in The Story of Voltrigones

Here you can find information about all of our Stations, including their roles in the organisation, commodities and more. 

rfov.uplink $

We know you’re eager to hear the back story of all our main Systems, and that’s exactly what you can do here.


Our Organisation

Here you can find info about our Corporate Structure, and Members Roles and Interests. 

We like pilots in the RFOV to be a minimum age of 18, we prefer to have an adult playerbase.

We accept applications from pilots of all skill levels. All that we ask is you prefer to play as a Federal pilot, and are either on PC or PS4. Sorry, but we don’t have any presence on XBox at the moment. Here’s hoping for cross play though!

Once we have received  your request to join the faction, our Board of Directors will review your application. Once accepted you will receive an invite to our Discord server so that you can come and chat.