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21st of April 3306

Are you fed up of being poor in Elite Dangerous? We tell you why you should join The Retro Faction of Voltrigones

As a Pilot do you find it difficult to acquire funds for new ships or other projects. Do you find yourself drifting from station to station looking for good paying jobs and other work.

The Retro Faction of Voltrigones is a primarily a Trade Faction based within an area populated by Empire aligned Factions. Unlike certain player factions we conduct all of our business in open and our aim is not to control as much as we can, but hold tangible assets that we can manage on a daily basis.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with making Credits in-game. Unlike many Player Factions within Elite Dangerous, we manage our systems to extract the most profit and income from them, our goal is not conquest. Many Player Factions grow to sizes that make managing their assets become difficult unless they have 100’s of pilots, look what happened to the Roman Empire. 

By expanding selectively, we can make our Systems work with each other, this means there are always Credit earning opportunities, such as Boomtime Deliveries, Outbreak Profiteering and System Security Bonds.     


All Pilots of the RFOV gain access to RFOV HOLLY an AI system, that allows users to access Commodity and System Data  directly from their cockpit. This was built in-house by our development team headed by Dr Alan G. Flotsum, and continues to be improved to help the Faction.

Still Not Sure About Joining?

  1. We are not Murderhoes 
  2. Small Faction, Everyone Gets a Say. 
  3. Active Player Base
  4. Discord Server
  5. Friendly.
  6. New Players Welcome.

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