Drake Class signature detected: RFoV and Brewer Corp announce strategic partnership

13 May 3306 

Brewer Corporation, producer of Coriolis star ports, have enhanced their existing partnership with the Retro Faction of Voltrigones [RFoV] to provide an opportunity to introduce automation, efficiency and volume into the Corporation’s core operations.

By combining the power of Brewer Corps Drake-Class Fleet Carrier, and the RFoV’s Holly Trade Platform, this strategic partnership —unique in the local area— offers many tools to provide innovative Trade and Logistics opportunities, within the local Terraforming, Agricultural, Extraction and Refinery economies. 

RFoV Commanders in the Trade office now have an opportunity to solve their most pressing challenges, remain competitive in a fast-changing environment, minimise manual effort and risk, and bring their processes in line with interstellar best practice.

“This powerful technology partnership underlines both Corporation’s commitment to profitability”, explains Dr. Alan G. Flotsam, Senior Solution Consultant and Director at the Retro Faction of Voltrigones. “Together, Brewer Corp and the RFoV Trade office look forward to building on this strategic partnership. We are evaluating further functionalities and we plan to continually expand the capabilities we offer via the newly commissioned Fleet Carrier – the RVS Volta”.

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