RFoV invests in Refinery and Extraction Operations

As a result of the recent upsurge in Tritium trading – known as ‘The Tritium Bubble’ – the Corporation are today announcing a significant investment in it’s Refinery and Extraction operations in the HIP 69796 Star System. The existing facility at Delbruck Hub will receive a refurbishment and refit, and two new surface refinery plants, whilst the Corporation have also acquired the Anders Hub facility located at the System’s Class II Gas Giant Planet 4. 

In an interview outside the new facility, Vice President and faction leader Mr. Hank Sweeney had this to say: “Workers of both plants will receive training in the new technologies being installed, as well as being provided with new uniforms, and a performance related annual bonus. We are also opening several new job opportunities, and welcome applicants from any of the surrounding Star Systems. Today is a great day for Industry in this system.”

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