Dictator deploys military to quell unrest at Industrial Facility, Federation steps in.

DONGASA 3B, Dongasa – Only weeks after his latest conflict with the ousted Dongasa Crimson Transport Comms Corporation, Order of Dongasa Dictator General Datsonne is coming under harsh criticism over his new operating procedures at the main Industial Machinery plant at McMillan Terminal.

Since Order of Dongasa took control of McMillan Terminal, manufacturing output has increased on a massive scale, in a program which – to the independent observer – has the appearance of state-sponsored slavery. General Datsonne is believed to consider the loss of cilivian life and liberty as a fair consequence of productive Industry. Middle-management at the plant report that fatal accidents involving industrial machinery, as well as starvation and exhaustion, have resulted in the death of 167 people in only the last 24 hours. This brings the total death toll since Datsonne took control only a few weeks ago, to 4,094.

In the face of recent violent protests over conditions at McMillan Terminal – which produces Marine, Survival and Geological Equipment – Datsonne is understood to have deployed soldiers to all civilian facilities within the Terminal, including those which house the families of workers. Today sporadic fighting broke out as the Retro Faction of Voltrigones Corporation (RFoV) – with backing from Federal Congress – have attacked Order of Dongasa military forces in and around McMillan Terminal in a bid to prevent further loss of cilivian life, and free the enslaved workers and their families that are currently trapped within the plant. It is understood that prior to this a detachment from the Voltrigones Expeditionary Navy had attempted to assassinate General Datsonne, but were thwarted immediately prior when the protests unexpectedly broke out, forcing Datsonne into hiding. We will bring you more on this as the situation develops…


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