Massive Wine sale in Hikenk as expansion looms

The corporation today slashed the price of Wine in Giles Orbital, Hikenk, as the Federation announce plans to fund another expansion effort within the local area.

Wine will now set Commanders back only 182 credits, in honour of the continued growth of the Retro Faction of Voltrigones.

A special consignment of rare wine is thought to have been procured from savvy Pilots running RFoV Tours out of Pontar. A bottle of this fine wine, made from grapes grown only in the jungles of Tau Ceti B2, has been hidden in select crates available for purchase at Giles Orbital.

In related news, thermal cooling unit production at Sekowski Dock has recently increased as a result of the removal of old, inefficient rusty Imperial machinery from the facility. The units have since been scrapped and parts recycled into novelty RFoV pin badges, available for sale exclusively from the gift shop at Giles Orbital. Collect them now – one free with each case of Wine.

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