Testing of new Tech Causes Chemical Spill In Silinja, Shock.

Bumbling Boffins have caused chaos today in the Refinery Star System of Silinja. 

Testing of a new chemical transport system ended in disaster in the Rings close to Needham Horizons at Silinja 2B, as the prototype Tritium and Uridium Remote Delivery (T.U.R.D.) pipe backfired, causing an explosion and a passing Biowaste tanker to shed it’s 9,000 tonne load. 

Commanders from the Voltrigones section of the Federal Navy have been called in to help contain and clean the impacted area, while the RFoV’s venerable fixer, Mr. Kenneth K. Grimes has been dispatched to nearby Hikenk in a Type 9. His mission: to purchase and return with the Giles Orbital gift shop’s entire supply of Christmas Tree Air Fresheners, in order to mask any lingering remnants of the biowaste. 

o7 Commanders, see you in the black…

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