[Broadcast intercepted] Elite: Retribution – friends from Tau Ceti killed in incident involving destroyed Anaconda

Investigation underway as incident leaves a lone survivor looking for answers…

News travels fast within The Federation. Reports are emerging from Mars and the traffic monitoring system that an incident involving an Anaconda from Tau Ceti has killed all but one of it’s occupants.

CMDR Sassia Bianci, daughter of the owners of the Anaconda is left bewildered and looking for answers, having been offered a Sidewinder from the insurance company, and dropped off at Mawson Dock. 

RFoV Vice President Hank Sweeney is an old friend of the Bianci family and has, as such, offered his assistance to Federal authorities in investigating the incident and finding those responsible. 

Meanwhile, several Commanders from the RFoV have travelled to assist CMDR Sassia personally on her journey for Retribution. 

Below is a link to the official source of information, a video-gram broadcast directly from CMDR Bianci’s Sidewinder. 

We will follow this story with interest. 

33o7 CMDRs. 

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