“RFoV” Investing in new Pilots.

“RFoV” Investing in new Pilots.

The RFoV have announced, that they are investing in new pilots. The RVS Cavell Fleet Carrier has been upgraded and refitted to stock all the basic multi purpose ships and modules any new pilot will need.

It can be a daunting task starting out fresh from Pilot training, all you have is a Sidewinder and the ambition for bigger and better things. Here at the RFoV we like to help new Pilots get a foothold in the galaxy by providing them with the tools needed to succeed.

The RVS Cavell currently has on sale the following ships:

Viper MK III.
Cobra MK III.
Viper MK IV.
Dimondback Scout.
Dimondback Explorer.
ASP Scout.
Asp Explorer.

We also sell all the modules you will need to get jumping, trading, mining and exploring the galaxy.

The RVS Cavell can be found in the Voltrigones system approximately 100LY from the Pilots Federation District. Dock, shop and enjoy a Hikenkian Beer and  leave with a new ship to start your journey.

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