Landside Victory

Landside Victory

A landslide victory has been reported today in the dual elections for the Corporate takeover of the Gliese 599.1 & HIP 69982 Systems, The RFOV has managed to secure victory in both of these elections.

After the Victory was announced Corporate Vice President Hank Sweeney gave the following statement:

“With these new systems under our Corporate Banner, I promise to help revitalise the industry in this sector and replace the outdated infrastructure that was neglected by the previous owners, along with potential wage increase for all working citizens.”

In related news one of the leading figures in the RFOV election campaign, Ryan Clarke, was spotted at Arnarson Hub earlier today. Mr Clarke announced plans to help recruit unemployed Federal Citizens to staff the recently refurbished agricultural installation Mystic Wildwood Produce in the Gliese system.

In other news Admiral Vale has recently announced plans to expand & improve the Shipyards in HIP 69982 after the recent takeover. More on this story as it develops…

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