Amelia Vale


  • Name: Amelia Vale “Cmdr Stop Nagging Me”
  • Species: Human.
  • Year Of Birth: 3282.
  • Birth Place: Eta Cassiopeiae.
  • Favorite Ship: Federal Corvette (FNS Yamato II).

“Amelia Vale, Born in the Federal Navy Headquarters System Of Eta Cassiopeiae, comes from a long family line of Federal Navy Pilots & Core Dynamics Mechanics & Engineers. Amelia Vale eventually studied at the Various Federal Navy Academies & Institutes.

As a high achiever in the Academies, Vale was able to rise through the ranks of the Federal Navy after enlisting until they reached the rank of Lieutenant. After a few years of service within the Federal Navy Amelia Vale decided to become a Federal Navy Security Consultant. After some time she was hired by Vice President Hank Sweeney of the Retro Faction Of Voltrigones as a Federal Navy Security Consultant to help with improving security within his systems.

During her time in the Federal Navy Amelia Vale eventually earned the nickname of “Nags” due to her complaints of the Alliance during a War where she would wish that the Alliance Defence Force would “Stop Nagging Me”.”

On the 14th of March 3306 Amelia was invited to join the Board Of Directors, due to her continued service for the RFOV and Federation.  

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