Outbreak Resolved In The Hikenk System.

@EliteDangerous #Galnews #Galnet After a week of extreme quarantine measures and extensive medical treatments the RFOV have officially announced that the outbreak in Hikenk is now over. The RFOV have recently extended their thanks the efforts of relief pilots from the Auxiliary Navy & Several Pilots of the 87th Naval Fleet who have worked to bring essential supplies to Giles Orbital.

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Latj Disaster

@eliteDangerous #GalNews #Galnet of the 30th of March 3306 a natural disaster has recently happened in the System of Latj. A number of casualties have been reported and efforts are underway to help those affected by this event.

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Expansion Preparations

@elitefangerous #Galnet As of the 20th of March 3306, the RFOV Board of Directors have officially announced plans to expand into a new system in the coming week. With this announcement pilots are working hard to bring in essential supplies and data to assist in the expansion effort.

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