The story of Dongasa...

Dongasa was previously under the control of Imperial Dictators, with support from a tyrant known as General Datsonne.

The Federation decided to intervene, when the General implemented inhumane working conditions at an Industrial facility, in his quest for greed and power…

Federal Intervention at McMillan Terminal

At DONGASA 3B, after ousting Dongasa Crimson Transport Comms Corporation, General Datsonne came under harsh criticism over his operating procedures at the main Industial Machinery plant at McMillan Terminal.

After taking over McMillan Terminal, manufacturing output had increased on a massive scale, in a program which – to the independent observer – gave the appearance of state-sponsored slavery. General Datsonne was believed to consider the loss of cilivian life and liberty as a “fair consequence” of productive Industry. Middle-management at the plant reported that fatal accidents involving industrial machinery, as well as starvation and exhaustion, had resulted in the death of thousands of workers. 

Datsonne deployed soldiers to McMillan Terminal – which produces Marine, Survival and Geological Equipment – in response to protests from the workforce. Sporadic fighting broke out as the Retro Faction of Voltrigones Corporation (RFoV) – with backing from Federal Congress – attacked Datsonne’s military forces in and around McMillan Terminal in a bid to prevent further loss of cilivian life. 

After a short conflict, they were able to free enslaved workers and their families forcing Datsonne into hiding.

Members of the Voltrigones Expeditionary were deployed to find and assassinate the General. 

The Empire Fights Back

With Datsonne`s military forces forced to retreat to Cleve Settlement, RFoV VP Hank Sweeney announced the completion of the RFoV Humanitarian operation in a press conference. “As of this day, the workers of McMillan Terminal are freed from the tyranny of General Datsonne. On behalf of the Federation, we will undertake adminstration of the facility for the forseeable future”.

Almost immediately, the Lords Of Enchimanda – a feudal corporation acting on behalf of the Empire – announced plans to seek to control the Terminal. The faction were known to actively promote Imperial Corporations in the local area.

“We will not allow further turmoil to encroach upon the lives of McMillan Terminal residents”, said Hank Sweeney. at the time.

The Federation responded further, by sending reinforcements in the form of a squadron of Farragut Battle Cruisers.

The battle was soon over, and on 19th December 3306, the RFoV were able to take control of the entire system. The whereabouts of the deposed General Datsonne remained unknown. 

Core Dynamics Visit amid rumours of new Ships

On 23rd December 3306, as an apparent attempt to divert attention from their rumoured take-over of Lakon, members of the new Board of Directors at the Federal Shipbuilder Core Dynamics announced a formal visit of the RFoV’s operations in Dongasa. 

A localised combination of Refineries and Industrial and Extraction Plants meant that the System was secretly being earmarked in relation to a planned joint venture beteween Core Dynamics and Lakon Spaceways. 

The efficient and cost-effective manner in which the RFoV had implemented a brand new Titanium extraction and refinery system was a key factor in Core Dynamic’s decision making process, according to local analysts. 

Industry insiders reported the existence of blueprints for an unusually shaped spacecraft hull, on the planning boards of both Dawson Enterprise and Froud Holdings…