The story of

Travel, Tourism and the Will of the People…

Initial Investments

An unexpected cash injection from Federal Congress is what first prompted the Voltrigones Travel & Tourism Office to seek a new base of Operations.

It was with much fanfare that a brand new and much anticipated Tourism office opened it’s doors in Pontar in 3306. 

Initially basing it’s operations at H.G. Wells Lab and Walker Holdings the new venture was labelled “RFoV Tours” and aimed to service the short and medium range tourism industry in earnest. Tourism in Pontar had been ignored for too long, local Pontarian residents were quoted as saying at the time. 

“The previous installation owners weren’t bothered, they invested very little into the local economy and half of the time weren’t even present. The offices had been shut down for months until this announcement. We’re delighted that the new owners have decided to actively invest. I for one can’t wait to go and see The Great Annihilator… I hope those leather seats are washable!”

RFoV Tourism Operative Poppy Franks – sporting a fresh new hair cut – was there on that prestigious day, adding that a fleet of luxury vessels had been transported to the system especially for the occasion. 

The People Decide

Shortly afterwards the honeymoon period ended, and the inhabitants of Pontar voted overwhelmingly to replace the incumbent regime, with RFoV Tourism Director Jonathan Pie annoucing plans to merge Industrial and Tourism operations into the systems primary station, Sekowski Dock, to an excitable audience. 

“After months of neglect, the inhabitants of Pontar have made their voices and wishes resoundingly clear.” Director Pie stated, in a press conference that took place at the entrance steps to the RVS Talpore flight deck within Sekowski Dock.

Talpore, named after a famous 19th century paddle steamer sea vessel on Earth, is a shining Saud Kruger Beluga Liner and a legendary jewel in the crown of the RFoV fleet. 

The Return to Civil Liberty

Not long afterwards, thermal cooling unit production at Sekowski Dock increased vastly, as a result of the removal of old, inefficient rusty Imperial machinery from the facility. The inefficient Imperial units have since been scrapped and parts recycled into novelty RFoV pin badges. These Commerative badges were made available for sale exclusively from the gift shop at Giles Orbital, and sold out almost immediately.

It is hoped that the Pins of Pontar will one day become a much-sought after Collector’s item…

Sekowski Dock
HG Wells Lab
The home of RFoV Tours