Goals of the Corporation

Our aim is to run a cohesive Corporate structure, as such we have a complimentary blend of Station assets that each play their part in strengthening our System’s economies and the well-being of the inhabitants.

It is the ethos of the Federal Constitution that drives our Corporate activities and investments. It is our responsibility to ensure peace, well-being, growth and sustainability, while staying true to the Federal Accord

Below is a list of each station asset. Use the tabs to find out more about each of our Stations.We recommend viewing the interactive graphs in landscape mode. 

Low DockVoltrigonesTerraforming
Giles OrbitalHikenkAgriculture
Needham HorizonsSilinjaRefinery/Extraction
Onufriyenko HubSilinjaMilitary
Leavitt PlatformHIP 71050 Extraction
Anders PortHIP 69796Refinery/Extraction
Delbruck HubHIP 69796Refinery/Extraction
al-Haythem DockKunaheoRefinery/Extraction
Sekowski DockPontarIndustrial
Walker HoldingsPontarColony
H.G. Wells LabPontarColony

Low Dock is located in the home system of Voltrigones, and operates a Terraforming economy. Seemingly, Biowaste is an abundant bi-product of that process, and as such Low Dock, features the only station air lock in the Galaxy that’s scented with more than a hint of Lavender!

Trade data analysis at 11:05:02 PM : 

Sell to Low Dock

Buy from Low Dock

Demand at Low Dock

Stock at Low Dock

Hikenk’s Giles Orbital is home to our Agricultural Economy. From the back of the station, you might be able to see our Zero-G bovine milking laboratory. 

Based in Silinja, Needham Horizons hosts the Corporation’s Refinery and Extraction operations. The mining rods hosted within the station are kept wonderfully polished. 

Located in Silinja, our planetary base of Onufriyenko Hub is our Military location. Here we manufacture and store our combat and defense capabilities in a sub-surface facility nicknamed “Rambo” by it’s occupant staff. They are housed underground permanently and are free to leave whenever they wish, assuming they can break the locking mechanisms. 

Located in HIP 71050 , this Extraction outpost is essential to RFoV operations due to it’s ability to provide essential precious metals and alloys for our manufacturing operations in other systems. Derek Johansson, the station docking operative is a single-minded astronomer, and almost never accepts a docking request on time. 

Located in HIP 69796, Anders Port hosts an Extraction and Refinery operation that produces the Corporation’s finest metals. Recently subject to investment, including snappy new uniforms and safety equipment. 

Located in HIP 69796 , Delbruck Hub is the sister site to Anders Port. It serves as a disaster recovery site for Anders Port and has never been tested. There is a high demand from the inhabitants for beer, wine and domestic appliances. It is said that organised corruption takes place here by certain members of the operational staff, although investigations into these allegations have so far proven fruitless. 

Located in Kunaheo and home to our fourth crucial Refinery and Extraction operation, al-Haytham Dock is said to be haunted by a ghost Cobra MKIV. Recent changes to the operation here mean that microbial furnaces are in high demand, due to the nature of the powdered minerals being refined here. 

Sekowski Dock in Pontar is home to the newly formed RFoV Tours operation, which specialises in delivering short and medium range Tourism services to the inhabitants of Pontar. Doubling as an Industrial base, the station regularly receives shipments from our mining, extraction and refinery operations, assisting in the manufacture of high quality Survival, Marine and Geological Equipment. 

Walker Holdings in Pontar is home to a Colony population. As such it exports very little other than Biowaste, however part of our responsibility here is to keep the stock levels up. Therefore demand is always high for items such as Grain and Synthetic Meat. 

We are proud to manage a station named after the English writer H.G. Wells. The inhabitants of this colony in Pontar are mainly authors and writers themselves. It is fabled that the original copy of The War of The Worlds is kept here. 


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