The Intergalactic Lounge

The Intergalactic Lounge, a place where business deals are done and copious amounts of Lavian Brandy are consumed. 

Expertly situated at Low Dock station in our home system of Voltrigones, The Intergalactic Lounge features a fully stocked bar, classic styling, and the reassuring aroma of locally sourced hops. Federation Pilots, the RFoV and the occasional shady character relax here in comfort, whilst listening to music selected by our leader VP Hank Sweeney and his legendary wheels of steel. 

The Intergalactic Lounge is a members only lounge that requires Federation Allegiance. Please don’t forget your pilots license, as failure to prove your allegiance may result in you being ejected by members of our burly security team. 

Many Factions make bold claims about what they do and how they operate… These claims are made to new pilots to entice them to join… 

The RFoV do not make such statements, however you can rest assured that all of our pilots are ready to support you, or simply buy you a beer. 

Lavian Brandy

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