The Federation returns to Kunaheo

Hello and welcome to today’s news. This is Dr. Alan G. Flotsam reporting live from the Low Dock Bar.

Our Top Story tonight: RFoV complete an expansion into Kunaheo.

After weeks of hard work by RFoV Commanders, the faction is happy announce their planned investment into the Colony economy in Kunaheo

VP Hank “Alan” Sweeney had this to say:

“We are glad to bring a Federal presence to this Empire dominated system. Our Corporate goals, and the order brought by observing Federation guidelines will only bring success and prosperity for the colonies of Kunaheo. Our hope is to make profits, promote consumerism and stamp out the patronage use of Imperial slavery in the system”

In other news

Senator Dick Burn is topping the polls in the ongoing Election in Pontar. Today, Director Ken Grimes refuted claims that RFoV Commanders had been at work in the system stealing poll results, exterminating opposition forces, and committing Electoral fraud.

On the subject of Elections, we are pleased to announce an expected victory in Latji, as the Retro Faction of Voltrigones are on the verge of a famous Election victory in the system

The future of our control of Duffy Horizons remains secure, as a third consecutive day is won.

And finally…

After accidentally rupturing a Kongga Beer pipe in the Low Dock Bar, Ken Grimes is fit and well and out of hospital after having consumed more than 90% of his body weight in an effort to stem the flow.

This is Alan G. Flotsam, RFoV News, Low Dock.

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