Tourism program begins in Pontar

A brand new and much anticipated Tourism company has opened it’s doors in Pontar today

Basing it’s operations at H.G. Wells Lab , and Walker Holdings the new venture labelled “RFoV Tours” will begin servicing the short and medium range tourism industry in earnest. 

Tourism in Pontar has been ignored for too long, local Pontarian resident Travis Idletown believes. “The previous installation owners weren’t bothered, they invested very little into the local economy and half of the time weren’t even present. These offices have been shut down for months. We’re delighted that the new owners have decided to invest. I for one can’t wait to go and see The Great Annihilator… I hope those leather seats are washable!”

Tourism Operative Poppy Franks – sporting a fresh new hair cut – added that a fleet of luxury vessels was beginning tours today.  

“VIPs, Proles and even Criminals need to travel the galaxy in style and comfort. Step aboard our luxurious Saud Kruger cruise-whales, as we deploy heat-sinks and pop the champagne.”

*Please do not smoke in the cabin.
*Passengers may be jettisoned without warning.

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