Make Credits in Elite Dangerous
Here at The RFOV, we play in open!

Make Credits in Elite Dangerous

@Elite Dangerous #Galnews #Galnet Are you fed up of being poor in Elite Dangerous? We tell you why you should join The Retro Faction Of Voltrigones. The Retro Faction of Voltrigones is a primarily a Trade Faction based within an area populated by Empire aligned Factions. Unlike certain player factions we conduct all of our business in open and our aim is not to control as much as we can, but hold tangible assets that we can manage on a daily basis.

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@EliteDangerous #Galnews #Galnet After several days of intensive fighting in HIP 69796 System the RFOV has officially liberated the refinery outpost Delbruck Hub from the Empire, with this takeover the Federation has gained a new source of refined Tritium fuel.


Attack from The Empire

@elitedangerous @CmdrM #Galnet #Galnews Over the past few days there has been unprecedented amounts of crime in our systems, but thanks to 2 brave Cmrds,Cmdr Stop Nagging Me and Cmdr Xela, we have managed to stop a direct and targeted attack from The Empire.

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